t shape person

The concept of a T shaped ​person has been around a long time and has become ever more desirable in this ​modern digital workplace where the increasing convergence of different technologies and software development has demanded a much broader set of knowledge than was required even just ​a few years ago.

In marketing terms this need has arguably grown substantially more than other 'traditional' areas of business due to the influx of digital devices and the huge change in the ways ​people are consuming ​information and ​altering their purchasing habits.

What does a T shaped marketer look like?

Put simply a T shaped marketer will have a light level of knowledge in a broad array of skills and deep knowledge and ability in one or two.

The alternative 'I' shaped marketer will specialise in a certain ​area of marketing and put 100% focus day in day out into that skill.

The modern T shaped marketer understand all the different disciplines of digital marketing - the horizontal part of the T - but will also specialise in an area or two - hence the T shape concept.​

t shape

The value of a 'T' shaped marketer

The real details and specifics of the required cross ​discipline competence, the top of the T, are ever changing and differ from comp​any to company although many disciplines are generally agreed upon.

The current digital marketing landscape is very complex and there are a wide range of tactics that can be deployed by an organisation, including but certainly not limited to, content marketing, digital advertising, social media, search marketing, video, blogging and​ so forth.

So clearly it is not possible to be an expert in all areas but being able to understand how each of these areas can be utilised depending on the company and customers in question can prove to be invaluable for any business looking to succeed online in the coming years.

The value of a T shaped marketer over a specialist is that they are able to provide a business with many more benefits and possibilities with regards to being able to investigate all areas of digital marketing whereas a specilist will only be able to provide value in a narrow selection of skills.

For large enterprise companies by all means hire a number of specialists in all areas and incorporate them into layers and layers of marketing divisions but most businesses do not have the means to accommodate such large marketing teams. This is where the value of a T shaped marketer comes into play as they are able to give any single business a flexible approach to digital marketing thus if one particular tactic doesn't work they are able to leverage other techniques ​of which a marketing specialist wouldn't be qualified to do.

t shape training course

​​Smart ​T Shaped Training

With the value of a T shaped approach to marketing being so valuable and knowing what we know about how the world around us will be changing at an exponential rate over the coming few years we believe that it is not just the marketers that need to adopt this T shaped learning approach to their ​careers.

We have developed a training course that provides incredible and valuable skills not just for marketing enthusiasts with a thirst for knowledge but also business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take more control over their online marketing strategy.

With digital ​now the de facto ​platform a business must utilise to become successful the demand for talented T shaped marketers is higher than it has ever been, however there is a serious lack of supply and those that are available invariably come at a cost most cannot afford.

Therefore we believe that over the next 5-10 years many business owners will need to adopt the same T shaped approach to marketing in order for them to make their business successful. By taking on board the knowledge of a wide range of marketing disciplines they will be able to understand what they need to to do in order to secure the future of their business.

In fact the skills and knowledge we transfer mean that all students come out of the program will the ability to make any ​business a success in the future, no matter what their previous ​experience with online marketing was prior to the course. 

By focu​sing on the strategy and not the tactics means that what is taught today will still be relevant in 10/20 years time, after all the way we do business may change but human nature itself remains virtually ​unchangeable for centuries.​