conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is about having 1-2-1 personal conversations with prospects and customers when they want and where they are most comfortable.

​Traditionally we have communicated directly using telephone, text, email but there are obvious limitations with all of these when it comes to not just the personalisation and interaction between the business and each individual customer, but we as consumer and buyers have become exhausted at receiving contact through these mediums. 

This is highlighted by the fact that less than 40% of people now will answer a cold call and this number is falling all the time. Open rates for emails are also dropping all the time so much so that it is considered good if you get more than 20% of people even seeing the emails you send out. Imagine how few if any replies you will get to each of those emails 

Website conversion rates ​regularly sit at around 1% or so and most of the time there is no direct communication between the visitor and the website they are browsing.

14000 unread emails

​In all parts of life a direct two way communication is ​necessary for holding a healthy relationship. From a business perspective the companies that talk the most to their ​customers learn​ about what they need and what they want and have valuable feedback on how th​ey can improve their service. But mostly they have been restricted to the channels already mentioned and​ that only becomes viable once they have become a customer in the first place.

So what about new prospects, how do you engage in a 1-2-1 conversation with someone who may happen to see your social media post or advertorial of any kind online or simply happen to stumble across your website?

This is where the use of chatbots and messenger marketing comes in. By using a combination of intelligent chatbots and a well structured inbound marketing strategy you can now provide a real time conversational and personal experience for any visitors that stumble across your content.

Built correctly a successful conversational marketing strategy will provide your potential customers with the information they need at a time that is most convenient to them and the ability for you to understand everything about each person you speak to so you can react and provide an individual service ​each and every one of them.

intelligent chatbot

The possibilities for the use of intelligent chatbots are almost endless as long as you make a clear and easy way for the conversations to be handed off to a human when the time arises thus making sure the experience of the recipient is as they hoped for.

We are entering a whole new era where ​the use of Artificial Intelligence and chatbots will explicit genuine personalisation for the end user ​as a myriad of bots communicate and learn together forming a never ending universe of knowledge and experience.

​There is a real shift on the horizon, marketers and companies that adopt this new form of marketing early will be the ones to ​prosper the most as Gartner predicts that in as little as three years from now, these chatbots will be so popular they will be driving the majority of participation between people and businesses.​